Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oak Aged Old Rasputin 2011, and the need for Courage

This is the 2011 Oak Aged Old Rasputin from North Coast Brewing.  It's about 12% ABV so not for the faint at heart.  However its aged in bourbon barrels and the depths of flavor just keep unfolding with every sip.  Now, while I really love my watering hole, it really needs a fire place for this beer.  Not only would the warmth of an open hearth with hard woods crackling be nice, the smokey aroma would complement the beer very well. The aroma of the beer is liquorice and the middle is full bodied with a hint of coffee.  There is a bit of alcohol burn in the finish, but that is to be expected with this high an ABV.  I won't be having two of these tonight, but this one is mighty fine. 

I'm preaching on the courage of Mary and Joseph this Sunday.  We had a lot of people at church last Sunday, and I am hoping for a repeat.  The Church of the Resurrection is a special place and the more people we gather around the altar for God to feed, the more people we can feed out in the world.

The barkeep at my watering hole just gave me a fantastic piece of news.  During Beer Week in february they are doing an O'dell Brewing Cask day.  One cask will be a Peanut Butter Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout.  The Lugene is one of the few beers I have had more than once here at the waterhole.  I can't imagine what a peanut butter version will be like. Stay tuned folks this is about to get real!

Sermon Preview for Feb. 2nd

This is a word cloud with my sermon for Sunday as the source.  Be sure and come check out the real thing on Sunday at Church of the Resurrection, Omaha. 

Wordle: The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do do that VooDoo

This is the VooDoo American Stout

It's really good.  It has a dark rich charcol flavor but it is not overly bitter.  There is only a hint of sweetness.  It's a mad crazy windy day today in Omaha. I just had a guy from Chicago tell me it's too windy in Omaha today.  So this beer fits perfect.  The chocolate aroma followed by the bitter (but not hoppy middle) with its clean finish is perfect to cut through the wind today. 

I've noticed that I pretty just rave about the beers I drink on this blog.  I don't think I have ever done a negative review.  I actually get tasters of a lot of beers at my water hole, but I only buy a full glass of beers that I'm likely to really enjoy.  My brothers and sisters life is way too short to drink cheap beer nor beers that don't favor your pallette.  I know IPAs are REALLY trendy right now, but just throwing hops at a beer is not artistry.  A well crafted beer has balance and depth, it's rich and smooth.  I'm still searching for an IPA that really emboys that flavor profile, but until then I'm going to stick to malty beers.  

Up next is the Schokolade Bock from Millstream Brewing.
This beer, some how, smells like dark chocolate, but tastes like milk chocolate and carmel.  Its Delicious!!!!  Where the VooDoo was simple this beer is complex the flavors are layered and balanced.  Each sip contains a new flavor to discover.  

Brewing beer is an art form.  It is not about the alchohol!  Just producing a beer with a high ABV is like the pop music scene where reaching adolescence is considered an achievement.  Brewing a well crafted beer, mastering a complex process that takes timing, patience, and precision on the other hand is equivelant to the craftmenship of Bach, or Amish Furniture, or cooking really good Soul Food.

I feel the same way about preaching.  Words simply strung together are at the best a speech.  While words combined with a sense of rhythm and form delivered with attention to volumne and drama can rise beyond motivational to become a sermon.  They can become an expression and incarnation of the living Word of God in the midst of the community.  This is the standard to which I aspire.  I don't know if I will ever reach it, but I believe the aspiration and effort, the prayer and the sweat, are pleasing to God.  Furthermore, like horse shoes, close counts in Preaching.  If I apply my whole being to the art of preaching yet only come close to incarnating the word of God, that is still efficacious to the community, the body of christ.  So, I shall continue to aim for the highest heights even if I only succeed in discovering a new height to conquer.