Friday, August 8, 2014

Heresy and Dogma

Yesterday was the first time back at my Omaha watering hole, Krug Park, in over two months.  When I went on Sabbatical, I didn't make it over to the Benson much.  It was great to be back, and I wasn't surprised at the great offerings of beers on tap.  I had not found a lot of great beers to try in Philadelphia or New York City; so it was great to get back to a bar that really appreciates beer.

I will wholeheartedly confess that I picked the beers I tried solely by their names.  It seemed only meet and right to balance Heresy and Dogma.

 First up was the Heresy Bourbon Stout by Weyerbacher.  There's so much going on flavor wise with this brew that I couldn't tell it was a bourbon stout.  Oatmeal presents as the main flavor with slight notes of coffee and chocolate.  It's a rich, complex, but nicely balance beer.  It is very smooth with little to no alcohol burn despite its high ABV.
Next up was a bit of Dogma by Brew Dogs, you know just to balance things out.  This one was also delicious though a bit sweeter than the Heresy because it's a Scotch Ale and not a Stout--despite the color.  Anyway, the sweetness comes from an infusion of Heathered Honey.  However, it's just a touch of sweet.  It is far from cloying and is balance by bitterness.

You'll notice how these beers look very similar.  The photos do not do them justice, but the Dogma has a hint more brown hue to it, while the Heresy is solid black.  Thus it is in theology as well.  Heresy and Dogma often look very similar.  One might say on occasion that Heresy is Dogma yet to be accepted.  On other occasions, Dogma carried too far will become Heresy.  Me, I just say that these two beers both taste great and live up their names.

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