Thursday, March 8, 2018

Psalm 53

For reasons I have yet to discern, reading Psalm 53 made me think of Oliver Nelson's minor blues tune Cascades from his album Blues and the Abstract Truth.  So, I decided to quote the first ten notes of the melody as the soprano line of the chant.  

1. The fool has said in his heart, "There | is no | God." *
    All are corrupt and commit abominable acts;
    there is | none who | does any | good.

2. God looks down from heaven | upon us | all, *
    to see if there is any who is wise,
    if there is | one who | seeks after | God.

3. Everyone has proved faithless;
    all alike | have turned | bad; *
    there is none who | does good; | no, not | one.

4. Have they no know- | ledge, those | evildoers *
    who eat up my people like bread
    and | do not | call upon | God?

5. See how greatly they tremble,
    such trembling as | never | was; *
    for God has scattered the bones of the enemy;
    they are put to shame, because God | has re- | jected | them.

6. Oh, that Israel's deliverance would come | out of | Zion! *
    when God restores the fortunes of his people
    Jacob will re- | joice and | Israel be | glad.

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