Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buzz Lightyear, Set Theory, and Rye Porter

So, this week's first beer is the the Rye Porter by Peace Tree Brewing company from Knoxville, Iowa.  I haven't had anything by this brewery before and honest to God I picked it because the tap looked cool.

Of course it doesn't hurt that the bartenders at Krug Park know my tastes at this point, and assured me I was on the right track with I inquired about this brew.  This is a smooth beer with very clean finish.  I get both coffee and dark chocolate notes in a full bodied beer.  There is just a hint of bitterness that cuts the creamy texture just slightly.  It's that hint of bitter that takes this beer from good to "mighty fine" as my big brother John would say.

More beer in this post below...

On the preaching front I have recently finished the book The Jazz of Preaching by Dr. Kirk Jones, and in one of the chapters Dr. Jones challenges preachers to risk sharing more of themselves just like the great Jazz improvisers such as Wynton Marsalis, Louis Armstrong, Wayne Shorter, and Sarah Vaughn risk themselves in every solo.  So, this week I am stepping out on a limb and sharing a bit of my geek side.  I am trying to draw an analogy between Set Theory in mathematics and the infinite grace of God.  The challenge of course is not to bore the hell out of the congregation.  We are a growing parish and if I drop a boring sermon into the mix would hinder that growth.  Nonetheless, I find the beauty and elegance of math--even though I am no mathematician--to be one of the ways I encounter God.  So, hopefully my enthusiasm and energy will keep people engaged to the end of the sermon.

Enough about that, back to the beer.

I actually failed to blog last week.  I got to talking with one of the bartenders and ran out of time.  So, let me make up for that.

First up last week was the St. Bernardus Trippel.
It was a good Trippel, but I like their Abt. 12 better as well as New Belgium's Trippel.  Nonetheless, it was decent and refreshing.

I followed it up with the Drago Russian Imperial Stout from Onion Brewing Company.

This was another pick because of the tap.  It's the sickle and hammer from communist Russia, which I thought was a risky marketing in the heartland of America; so I gave it a shot.  It's a very nice imperial stout but not over powering with the alcohol.  Full flavored and rich I would definitely recommend it.

The last beer this week is the Oatmeal Porter from Zipline Brewing in Lincoln, NE.   It is good, but not 'mighty fine' like the Peace Tree Rye.  I didn't take a picture of it, but it has decent flavor.  Unfortunately the bitterness overwhelms the other flavors.  It is not as balanced as the rye. Zipline is a young brewery; so while this wasn't my favorite beer, I will try other offerings from Zipline.  I expect very good beers from come them. 

Well, that's the beers for this week and last.  After I preach on Sunday, I'll post the sermon text here and you can decide if I shared my geek side in a compelling way or if I should never mention math in a sermon ever again.  Or you are always welcome at Church of the Resurrection at 10 a.m. Come for worship stay for lunch.

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