Friday, July 12, 2013

Spaten Lager, Pepper Beer, and the practice of Piety

Today's first beer is a Spaten Lager.  I don't always drink lager, but when I do it might as well be German.  Actually, I rarely drink lager, but my recent trip to Ohio complete with Yuengling lager inspired me to try one today.

I have to admit, there is just something refreshing about a well brewed lager on a summer day.  The weather is beautiful today here in Omaha, and the Spaten was a nice complitment.

The second beer is unique.  It is Krug Park's Chili Trek Ale.  Some guys from Krug Park went to O'dell Brewing and brewed a few kegs of this special.  It is a delightful balance of pepper and malt flavors with a touch of hops.  Kudos to these guys for offering up something special for us customers.

The sermon this week is about Piety.  I know that some think that piety is the same as legalism, but I am making an argument that faithful practiced piety is both healthy and sustaining.  Come check it out a the Church of the Resurrection Sunday at 10.  An amazing lunch follows the service and the music rocks.

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