Monday, March 2, 2015

40 Days of Chant, Psalm 11

There is a brightness about this psalm, but it also expresses a lot emotions.  So, I wanted to be both firmly in Bb but also hint at other keys.  I love chromatic mediants because they bring both brightness and ambiguity to a progression.  I split it with a single chant for the first three verse and another for verses 4-8.  The tone of the psalm changes in verse four from less pleading to proclaiming.

1 In the Lord have I taken refuge; *
     how then can you say to me,
     “Fly away like a bird to the hilltop;
2 For see how the wicked bend the bow
     and fit their arrows to the string, *
     to shoot from ambush at the true of heart.
3 When the foundations are being destroyed, *
     what can the righteous do?”

4 The Lord is in his holy temple; *
     the Lord’s throne is in heaven.
5 His eyes behold the inhabited world; *
    his piercing eye weighs our worth.
6 The Lord weighs the righteous
    as well as the wicked, *
    but those who delight in violence he abhors.
7 Upon the wicked he shall rain
    coals of fire and burning sulphur; *
    a scorching wind shall be their lot.
8 For the Lord is righteous;
    he delights in righteous deeds; *
    and the just shall see his face.

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