Sunday, March 1, 2015

Psalm 10 Dbl Chant F# Dorian

There is a lot angst in Psalm 10.  I decided to put it in F# Dorian.  The dorian mode isn't the most angst riddled key; so, I used some cluster chords to express the angst.  I am not sure if I like it.  I think it would work, but it will definitely be hard to sing. What do you all think?

1 Why do you stand so far off, O Lord, *
     and hide yourself in time of trouble?
2 The wicked arrogantly persecute the poor, *
     but they are trapped in the schemes they have devised.
3 The wicked boast of their heart’s desire; *
     the covetous curse and revile the Lord.
4 The wicked are so proud that they care not for God; *
     their only thought is, “God does not matter.”
5 Their ways are devious at all times;
     your judgments are far above out of their sight; *
     they defy all their enemies.
6 They say in their heart, “I shall not be shaken; *
     no harm shall happen to me ever.”
7 Their mouth is full of cursing, deceit, and oppression; *
     under their tongue are mischief and wrong.
8 They lurk in ambush in public squares and in secret places
     they murder the innocent; *
     they spy out the helpless.
9 They lie in wait, like a lion in a covert;
     they lie in wait to seize upon the lowly; *
     they seize the lowly and drag them away in their net.
10 The innocent are broken and humbled before them; *
     the helpless fall before their power.
11 They say in their heart, “God has forgotten; *
     he hides his face; he will never notice.”
12 Rise up, O Lord; lift up your hand, O God; *
     do not forget the afflicted.
13 Why should the wicked revile God? *
     why should they say in their heart, “You do not care”?
14 Surely, you behold trouble and misery; *
     you see it and take it into your own hand.
15 The helpless commit themselves to you, *
     for you are the helper of orphans.
16 Break the power of the wicked and evil; *
     search out their wickedness until you find none.
17 The Lord is King for ever and ever; *
      the ungodly shall perish from his land.
18 The Lord will hear the desire of the humble; *
     you will strengthen their heart and your ears shall hear;
19 To give justice to the orphan and oppressed, *
     so that mere mortals may strike terror no more. 

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