Friday, March 20, 2015



Never ever forget that you are an awesome child of God, graced with talents and abilities meant for good.

It may seem odd to write about awesomeness, especially everyone's innate awesomeness, during lent. I mean this is supposed to be the time of repentance and ashes, weeping and confession.  It's the season when we remember that we are wretched unworthy souls who will never be good enough for God's love.  All of the previous three sentences are true.  You are a wretch AND you are awesome.  Within each of us is both notorious sinner and humble saint.

Lent is a journey.  We begin at Ash Wednesday remembering just how far we are from God.  As the season progresses we journey via prayer, worship, self-denial, study, and generosity toward not only Easter but toward God, toward unification with Christ.  As we approach Jesus, it is both meet and right for us to discover our innate awesomeness.  As we grow closer to Christ it is good to recognize not just the unloveable parts of us, but also the loveable parts, the ways we bring beauty and joy into the world, the ways we practice grace, the ways we share the good news, the ways we are creative, the ways we love as God loves.  Part of growing closer to Jesus is to practice these things more and our unloveable parts less.

So this lent, do not fail to discover your awesomeness. BUT make that awesomeness an offering to God.  Bring it to God's altar and dedicate it to the purpose of building the free, just, and loving kingdom of God.

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